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Would your charity benefit from $10,000 (approx. £6,700) of free advertising a month?

Silly question, right?! Of course it would!

As a charity, you rely on getting your message out there about the great work you do, in order to encourage donations and fundraising activity. This means marketing is naturally important to you, but as a non-profit organisation you need to ensure you’re using your budget as effectively as possible.

Well how about if you could market your charity to a huge audience who are already guaranteed to be looking for what you want to promote, and if you could get $10,000 a month worth of digital advertising to do so? With Google Ad Grants, this is a reality.

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What Is Google Ad Grants and Who Is Eligible?

Google Grants is a system whereby non-profit organisations can get $10,000
per month (approx. £6,700) in AdWords ad spend, absolutely free!

You must be a registered charity and hold a valid charity status. In the UK this means being registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Unfortunately, government organisations, schools and hospitals or medical groups aren’t eligible at this time. There is a separate Google Education scheme that education organisations can apply to.

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But… how will this really help?

Well, even though there are limitations onto how much you can bid on cost per click and which keywords you’re actually permitted to use, if you’re able to use up your standard $10,000 AdWords budget, you’re looking towards at, at least, 5,000 extra visitors to your website every single month. Can you imagine what an extra 5,000 eyes on your website and work every month could do for your charity?

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