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In-House Marketing Experts

Our team are a proven set of marketing experts who have worked with both large brands and local businesses, showing Return On Investment throughout

Your Partner In Digital

Specialising specifically in Digital Marketing, our team have always surrounded themselves with technology, gaining the ability to spot trends and opportunities across any platform

Full Client Support

We value clear communication and transparency with clients to keep them up to date

Is your charity looking to increase their marketing?

Here at Burst Creative, we love working alongside charities and helping them to grow via digital platforms as we advance more into a digital world on a daily basis.

We have years of experience in working with charities and to help give back, we support charities in finding and writing grant funded bids to grow their digital presence and provide an incredible return of investment.

In essence, we find Grant Bids such as The Awards For All bid and help with writing them using our experience, expertise in digital and our knowledge of the third sector.

If these grant bids are then successful, we will use them to market your charity to it’s full potential and so show a major return of investment.

It’s a win – win situation, though. If these bids are NOT successful, we won’t charge anything for the privilege. Instead, we can work together to provide a successful bid in the future.

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Our Grant Bid Writing Assistance Process

We’re here to provide digital growth with no direct expense to your charity.
The fact is, some charities and community organisations just don’t have the time and sometimes expertise to write a grant bid; especially if the subject area is more of a specialist one. Websites and Marketing, for example.

Instead of scratching around trying to figure out how best to use up a grant bid on marketing, let us integrate a full marketing strategy into your grant bid application to help higher the chance of success!


We learn, understand and research your charity to get the best understanding of how we can help your charity by devising a marketing strategy; then match it to the perfect grant bid!


Together, we input all our strategies and planning into bid format to send off to potential funders. The bid will consist of our digital facts, figures and case studies along with some in-depth direction from your charity.


Providing that your bid is successful, we’ll begin to market your charity using the funding provided for us, working with you every step of the way; day by day, week by week to show maximum return of investment

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Successful Application

If once it is successful, you then don’t need to concern yourself about finding the right people to do the job, because we’re already here! We’ll integrate the strategy that we promised and put the grant bid funding exactly where it needs to go in order to provide maximum return of investment.

We can also integrate this grant bid in with Google Ad Grants, which is basically £6,700 (Approx.) worth of advertising space on Google Adwords space.

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